Saturday, February 21, 2009

NUCCA – An amazing tool for wellness

Would you be interested in a safe and pain-free treatment which can relieve pain, lower blood pressure and may even improve depression, ringing in the ears, dizziness and more?

I named this newsletter/website “Natural Wellness Choices” because I want to give you just that. Today I want to introduce you to a powerful but little known natural wellness choice.

About a year ago, a woman suffering from debilitating headaches and neurologic symptoms which defied explanation told me how had traveled some distance to a specialized chiropractor. This chiropractor was successful in helping many with challenging problems and used a very gentle adjustment to the upper neck which he used on her and she improved after just a few treatments.

Introducing NUCCA

NUCCA is the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. Chiropractors who perform upper cervical chiropractic care are NUCCA members and form an elite group of perhaps no more than 200 members. I am going to use the term NUCCA to refer not just to the association but to the technique they employ.

Why is this area of the body so important?

The first vertebra is called the Atlas– remember from mythology that Atlas holds up the world.

The Atlas or C1 (cervical vertebrae #1) holds up the globe of our head. If the alignment of our first vertebrae is out of position by even the thickness of a finger nail there will be abnormal pressure on the nervous system receptors and this stress can produce a host of illnesses. Think about how many times you put stress on this area? Our neck is usually stretched at childbirth and then we have the usual falls, running into things, bumpy roads and car accidents which all add up to a lot of forces that can shift our atlas out of proper position.

NUCCA –getting our head on straight

A NUCCA chiropractor uses precise x-rays to determine the exact alignment of the first upper vertebrae and uses a very light touch to correct any misalignment. I have had this done on myself and I would think they were pulling my leg if I did not see the results. You lay on your side and the NUCCA doctor puts his hand behind the ear and applies about the same amount of pressure and you use to turn a page with your finger. No jerking. No pain.

NUCCA is clinically shown to lower blood pressure 17 points

You may be thinking, this sounds interesting but does it really work? Could this just be placebo? A recent study on NUCCA with patients with hypertension suggests that NUCCA can significantly lower blood pressure without prescription drugs.

In a study at the University of Chicago Medical Center, Dr. George Bakris M.D. led a blinded study using 50 patients with hypertension. Half of this group received the actual upper cervical manipulation by Dr. Marshall Dickholtz (D.C.) and the other half had “sham treatments” which simulated actual treatment so that the patient did not know if they had the real treatment or not.

Results – after 1 treatment the blood pressure dropped 17 points and stayed down during the 8 week observation period

Repeat- 1 treatment, BP down 17 points for 2 months.

You can read the actual study at

A PBS broadcast discussing this study can be seen at:

Some Benefits of NUCCA
Case Reports are obviously not as convincing as the above clinical study but NUCCA has been noted to help a wide variety of medical problems including:

Back pain
Ear infections
Neck pain
Neurologic disorders such as M.S.
Tinnitus (Meniere’s)
Trigeminal Neuralgia

Is the improvement permanent?

Once the misalignment is corrected, you may stay aligned and experience long term health. Often the stress of daily life results in the misalignment to reoccur but most will stay in position for extended periods of time (months to even years).

Bottom Line: NUCCA is a power tool to improve health
Most of us will find that at some time we have a medical condition that may benefit from NUCCA. Upper cervical chiropractic care does not cure everything and does not work in everyone but it has a high success rate and is completely safe and painless.
Also, if you are personally looking for a rewarding medical career, I would highly recommend becoming an upper cervical chiropractor. It will take many years of study but you will be in great demand and will have mastered an incredibly powerful technique.

How can you find a NUCCA Chiropractor?

A NUCCA chiropractor can be found at

Amazingly in the Greater Houston area there is only one NUCCA practice – Houston Spinal Care (see I have personally benefited from NUCCA care provided by both Dr. Robert Ramirez and Dr. Jason Minogue.

For more information: